By far the most rewarding part of our job is helping people reach their financial goals.

As professional financial advisors, we understand that wealth is far more than just money.  Our purpose is to help our clients truly enhance their wealth.  This allows them to lead more balanced lives by focusing more time on what’s most important to them – such as relationships, family, career, health, or leisure pursuits.

Those who work with us tell us that we have greatly simplified the management of their financial affairs and even more importantly, truly helped them attain their financial goals and objectives.

Here are some of the things people say about us:


“Rick Page has acted as a financial advisor to both my husband and me for a number of years. He has always been professional and courteous in our dealings. He discovered an error made by our accountant which affected four years of tax returns and netted us a tidy refund as a result. His conscientious approach to business has enabled our portfolios to grow and we have a comprehensive financial plan for the future. I have recommended Rick to friends and associates in the past and will continue to do so in the future”.


Retired, York University


Telecommunications, York University

Now that you’ve seen what others have to say about us, why not invest an hour of your time to find out more about how we might help you enhance your own wealth?

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“It's one thing to have money, it's quite another to enhance its worth wisely.  We are grateful that you have advised us to handle our funds with minimal risks to conform to our comfort level.  You not only see the present financial picture, but endeavour to enlighten us as to how to prepare for our future.  Illustrations, explanations are all part of the package deal, but the personal service you provide enables us to 'relax' when the headlines in "The Report on Business" are dismal.  Spending ample time with us, offering helpful suggestions, enables us to build a rapport and a relationship built on your sound financial knowledge.  We benefit as a result!”

Dr. Edward and Leslie

"In the past we placed our trust on the bank to look after our financial planning but found that they were more interested in pushing their own products and did not act with a sense of urgency that we rightfully expected. Our decision to transfer all of our investments to Rick a few years ago proved to be a prudent one. Not only is there now a peace of mind in attaining our future financial goals but we have established a professional relationship with Rick that was not possible with the bank given their turnover".

Claudio Curti

Director of Finance, Shoppers Drug Mart

Mily Curti

Director of Human Resources, Foot Locker Canada

"Rick is always available.  He continually impresses us with his timely and thorough responses to any and all questions".

Jim Brett

Retired from the press department of the Toronto Star

Sue Brett

Retired from the Durham Board of Education

“We have been working with Rick for the past couple of years after being referred to him by a close friend.

We find him to be very thorough and professional and would highly recommend his services”.
Harpreet, Senior Manager
Christine, CMA

of Education

"Rick has taken the time to understand my personal objectives and helped put together a financial plan that supports achieving those objectives. There is no cookie-cutter approach here- he knows his clients. He will always give you both sides of the equation so that you can make an informed choice- he never pushes you to make a decision but advises you on the best route to take. It's a very collaborative relationship”.


Director, Recruitment and Retention

“Over the past several years I have had Rick help me plan for my future retirement. Rick has always made time to explain and make sure I felt comfortable with anything that he has suggested. I have never doubted that he has worked for my best interest”.


Registered Nurse

“Rick has been our financial advisor for almost 5 years.  In that time, we have found him to be responsive, friendly and knowledgeable.  He is always available via phone, email or to have a meeting in addition to our regularly scheduled updates.  He answers queries in a timely manner and always has time to explain something if we need more detail (sometimes more than once!).  He has helped us to organize our finances and "take stock" of our current situation, and we are now saving for retirement and our children's education with specific goals in mind.  Rick has also helped us to be aware of and implement some additional strategies for minimizing our annual income tax”.

“We know that our financial knowledge has improved over the course of our relationship with Rick, and we hope to continue to grow with him in the years to come.  We believe he is genuinely interested in our financial success, and look forward to seeing what the future holds”.

Tom & Jennifer Lopinski

It pleases me to commend Frank Miemiec as a financial advisor. He has been patient and considerate of my failure in technology. He has ably accommodated my needs and wishes and provided suitable advice. He has gone the 'second mile' to keep me informed. I feel comfortable with his judgement and handling of my financial affairs.

Rosalind M.

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Recently I told Jonathan that I was considering moving to a senior’s residence and Jonathan suggested that he would be happy to prepare a detailed financial analysis of the change, which he did.  His analysis indicated that there would be no problem with the proposed move.  I am very pleased to have Jonathan providing me with such reassurance and taking care of my financial affairs.

Doris Pringle



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“Since meeting Rick over 2 years ago he has taken the time to thoroughly understand my current financial situation and in doing so he has developed a dynamic  investment plan to take me into my retirement years. I have found Rick to be easy to work with, patient and understanding and above all an extremely knowledgeable financial professional.”

Brian G. Allen, P.Eng.  

General Manager

“Page and Associates consolidated our investments into an integrated plan and created a financial roadmap extending into the foreseeable future, including estate planning and long term care. This has given us confidence in our ability to finance our preferred retirement lifestyle”.

Stephen & Gunilla Cockle


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