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2006/2007 Winter issue

Research results - attitudes of Canadians toward financial planning issues.

New tax rules - on income splitting of pension income, enhanced age credit etc.

2006 fall issue

Portfolio Rebalancing Strategies - profiting from market turbulence while controlling risk.

Joint Ownership - the pitfalls of jointly held assets; other estate settlement strategies.

2007 summer Issue

The Family Cottage - various strategies for getting the cottage or business asset to the children in the most tax-efficient way.

Your Financial Plan - This article reviews some of the common questions that a proper financial plan can answer.

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2008 FALL Issue

Dividend Income - how the Dividend Tax Credit can enhance your after-tax return.

Managing Portfolio Volatility - and our own reactions when declines occur.

Variable Annuities - these new investment products can give you all the growth potential of the market, while providing a guaranteed income for life, so you never lose what you invest.


2007/8 wintER Issue

Working Longer – Views from Sherry Cooper, Chief Economist, Bank of Montreal

Portfolio Management I - 2007 in Review, and how Diversification controls volatility.


2008 summER Issue

Investing for Income - compare strategies in terms of guarantees and tax-efficiency.

Portfolio Management III - Security / Investment Manager Selection

The Debate about Commodities - why the large swings in the prices of oil and raw materials?

2008 spring Issue

Portfolio Management II - Determining an efficient Allocation across Asset Classes

Financial Planning – New Statistics Canada Study


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2009 SPRING Issue

Critical Illness Stop-Loss - survival rates have improved for many critical illnesses. But will your financial security survive? You can protect your investments and get all your premiums back too!

Recession Recovery - economic ‘news’ is usually delayed several months after it happens, but, some measures actually get reported before the real economy changes.


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2008/9 WINTER Issue

When Life Gives You Lemons...make lemonade. Opportunities after a terrible market year.

Tax-Loss Selling - if some of your investments are worth less than their cost base, you can sell them to realize the loss, and claim a refund of taxes paid in prior years on capital gains.

Asset Swap - your portfolio may not be ‘tax-optimized’ across RRSPs and open investments.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts - find out more about strategies this account can enable for you.


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2010 SPRING Issue

Money Laundering Identification Documents - A review of the evolving requirements for financial institutions to view client identification documents, and ways we can help make these requirements less onerous for our clients.


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2009 SUMMER Issue

Upcoming Changes to Canada Pension Plan - Changes to CPP were announced this spring. If you are planning to retire within the next 3 to 6 years, you may have some decisions to make.

How Pension Plans Work - Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Plans have quite different sets of guarantees and risks. Find out more about the different plan types.

How Safe is My Pension? - Many sizeable employers are facing financial difficulty during this recession. Pension plans are supposed to be safe, but can in some cases be impacted negatively if an employer winds up the plan. Read more about these risks and your options.

Investment Fraud - A number of recent news stories have focused on investors who have been victims of identity theft and fraudulent investment schemes. Find out how we’re taking steps to protect you, and what else you can do to protect yourself.


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The Recession Has Ended? - reviews various economic data that suggests economic contraction has ended and growth will resume in the 3rd quarter 2009, albeit weakly.

TFSA Strategies - The Tax Free Savings Account won’t save you much tax in 2009, but it can save you a bundle over time. Find out why it’s best to start early and contribute the maximum.


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2009-10 WINTER Issue

RRSP or TFSA? - Your Personal Assessment - reviews the differences between RRSPs and TFSAs and which may work better in different circumstances.


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2010-11 WINTER Issue

Consumer Debt and Mortgage Rule Changes - Canadian consumer debt levels are at all time highs relative to income. Mortgage rules are becoming more stringent in response..

Case Study—Funding the Cost of Long Term Care - most Canadians will need assistance with their daily activities at some point in their lives. There are several ways to plan for these costs.

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2010 SUMMER Issue

Disabled Canadians Can Receive $90,000 in Grants - reviews the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) available to disabled Canadians, and how the grant mechanism works.

Investing in Bonds - An overview of bonds as an alternative to GICs for ’low risk’ investing, and how better yields can be obtained.


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2010 FALL Issue

Are you between 59 and 64 and not yet receiving CPP? - a detailed look at the phase-in of changed to CPP benefits, and how this may impact you if you are retiring in the next few years.

Case Study—Taking more than the RRIF Minimum Payment - conventional wisdom says to take only the minimum from your RRIF to maximize tax deferral. See why this is not always true.


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2013 FALL Issue

Bonds drop in 2013 - Reviews losses in bond markets over the second and third quarters of 2013 in the context of changing interest rates and a longer-term outloook.


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2011 SUMMER Issue

Get $7,200 in Education Savings Grants - How to get the most out of government grants for opening a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Newer RESPs allow you to keep your plan balance separate and choose your own GICs or mutual funds in which to invest.

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2011 FALL Issue

Back to School—Back to Taxes - Even if you’re not heading back to school, it may be a good time to hit the books. Many tax-planning strategies require action before the end of the calendar year, and some research may need to be done to determine how to get the most benefit.

Cover Your Life Insurance Needs for Free - More than half of Canadians don’t have enough life insurance. Careful planning can help you decide ‘how much is enough?’. You may be surprised that you can cover all of your needs for the same premiums you're already paying.


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2011-12 Winter Issue

Inflation and Government Benefits - This article shows different ways to measure inflation, and how different government benefits and tax deduction limits use different methods of adjusting.

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2012 SPRING Issue

THE U.S. TAX TRAP - Reviews the key points from our April 2012 seminar on U.S. Income Tax and Estate Tax and how it affects U.S. Citizens living in Canada, and Canadian Citizens with U.S. income or property.

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2012 SUMMER Issue

The Case for Equities - Returns in stock markets around the world have been lackluster for about 10 years now, and volatility is higher than ever, making many investors less interested in  equities. This article provides some perspective and shows why equities are still desirable.

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2012/2013 WINTER Issue

TFSA vs RRSP - Two government-sanctioned tax-sheltered plan types can provide similar benefits over time. Which one is best for you depends on your tax bracket now and what bracket you expect to be in when you withdraw funds.


2012 FALL Issue

Cash Flow Projections and Your Financial Plan - This article explains how computer-modeled Long Term Cash Flow Projection can be used to identify and test opportunities to help you better achieve your goals.


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2013 SUMMER Issue

The ‘Bernanke Scare’ of 2013 - How comments from the head of the US Central Bank moved markets in the first half of 2013.


2013 SPRING Issue

Bonds and Interest Rate Risk - Bond prices could be under pressure in 2013 as historically low interest rates will eventually have to increase. Various types of bonds respond differently to interest rate changes and can diversify the bond content of your portfolio.


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2014 Summer Issue - AVAILABLE NOW

Interest Rate Trends - Our quarterly commentary on interest rates past and future.

Interest Rates and the Macro-Economy - Reviews political and economic developments and their impacts on prevailing interest rates.

Investment Market Commentary- Our quarterly update on markets and the outlook.

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2014 Spring Issue

Unlocking your Holding Company - Reviews the tax implications of various methods of removing accumulated funds or business sale proceeds from a corporation.

Plus our usual quarterly Interest Rate Trends and Investment Market Commentary



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