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Karissa joined Page and Associates in 2002, after graduating from Seneca College with a diploma in Financial Planning. Her formal education gave her the prerequisite knowledge to complete the Canadian Securities Course and obtain her insurance license.


Page and Associates was a natural fit for Karissaís interest in holistic financial planning, because of the firmís well-regarded focus on the planning process.


Karissa began her career on the operational side of the business administering investment portfolios, and quickly mastered the systems and processes then in use. She quickly obtained her life insurance license and her mutual funds branch managerís license so that she would be able to integrate all aspects of the operation.


She soon began to help clients manage their accounts, while working with senior advisors to develop financial plans. Having worked in all areas of the firmís operation, and having a keen eye for ways to improve processes, Karissa assumed overall accountability for service delivery across the Company.


Karissa still provides direct service to a number of clients, but spends most of her time managing the firmís support staff and the firmís overall financial planning and investment management workflows to ensure top quality service delivery.


Karissa lives in Keswick with her husband and one-year-old son.



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Karissa Smith

Manager, Operations

Account Manager

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