WEALTH Matters — SPRING 2010

All functions will continue to be available through our website from the top menu item called My Account.

There are two things that you will need to do in order to get access to the new service.

1) On April 26th, you will need to begin using a new username and password. These will be sent to you the week of April 12th by postal mail directly from Worldsource. If you can’t find the letter, please call us and we will reset your password.

2) If your My Account service includes access to plans that are joint accounts, or that belong to other family members such as a spouse or children, you will eventually need to have those other parties provide consent for you to continue to view those accounts. This is required by federal Privacy legislation. You don’t need to do anything about this right now. We will provide you with the appropriate forms if you are impacted by this requirement. Your access will continue to include these other accounts until July 15th even if you don’t obtain consent by then, so we still have some time to obtain the required consent.

The new My Account service includes much more detailed information than the old one did. In order to help you learn how to navigate and interpret the various screens and information, a comprehensive help file will be available once you are on the new service. Of course, we’re always here to help you if you have questions.

If you don’t already have the My Account service, and you would like to have access to this, just call us or use the AskPage form on our Contact Us page.  We’d be glad to set this up for you and provide you with your own username and password.

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Many of our clients use the My Account service on our website to check their account values over the internet. On April 26th 2010, our investment fund dealer, Worldsource, launched improvements to the functionality and information available through this service.

The improved service provides ‘real time’ information about your portfolio rather than reflecting new transactions one business day after they occur, and will allow you to see ‘Pending Transactions’ even before they are confirmed by the financial institution that will be holding the assets. Finally, the new service will allow you to see past transactions at any level – any individual fund or GIC, all transactions in a particular plan, or all transactions in any plan owned by the same owner.


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